Gladstone Soccer Association

Gladstone, OR USA
Gladstone Soccer Association

Net Duty

Coaches, you are responsible for setting up and/or taking down goals as indicated below. Goals must be picked up and returned to 6614 SE Jennings Ave, Portland, OR 97267. Please take around the left side of the house and drop off by the shed on the back side of the house.

Nets Up: Net boxes are marked Field 1, 2, 3, or 4, based on your scheduled field. Pick up your nets and four flags.

Nets Down: Drop off the nets and the four flags.

Field #1 (11v11)

Date Nets Up Nets Down
4/16 Hellekson Busic A
4/23 Busic B Hill A
4/30 Hill A Busic B
5/7 Busic A Busic A
5/14 Busic A Hellekson
5/21 Busic A Busic A
5/28 n/a n/a
6/4 Busic B Busic B

Field #2 (9v9)

Date Nets Up Nets Down
4/16 Mullen/Woodke Losson
4/23 Mullen/Woodke Mullen/Woodke
4/30 n/a n/a
5/7 Losson Mullen/Woodke
5/14 n/a n/a
5/21 Losson Losson
5/28 n/a n/a
6/4 Losson Mullen/Woodke

Field #3 (7v7)

Date Nets Up Nets Down
4/16 Howard Farrar
4/23 n/a n/a
4/30 Browning/Anderson Farrar
5/7 Browning/Anderson Farrar
5/14 Howard Farrar
5/21 Browning/Anderson Howard
5/28 n/a n/a
6/4 Howard Howard