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A message for 3rd-8th parents

A reminder that Gladstone Soccer Uniforms are available for order via Tursi Soccer for $34 total. GSA no longer supplies jerseys for 3rd thru 8th players.

(Please note: Micro / Kinder soccer players do receive free team t shirts from GSA.)

Currently due to a very high volume of orders, Tursi has informed GSA that online orders take roughly 5 to 6 weeks for shipping to be completed. As our first games of fall begin Sept. 10th, this does cause a problem. Tursi has our team jerseys in store and can print and have them available onsite very quickly, in their westside store located at 8805 SW Canyon Ln., Portland OR. 97225. Please make sure to purchase both a home and away jersey (below). Number printing is not required. Cost of $34 includes both home and away with our club logo printed. Number / Name printing is optional, numbers can be duplicated. Shorts and Socks are not required to purchase.

Please note that while Tursi does sell hoodies with our GSA club logo on them, GSA does not receive any funds from those purchases. We have recently order new hoodies, t shirts, and scarves for Gladstone Soccer, and will have them available at our GSA / GHS Community nights (dates TBD) and hopefully very soon on our website. Our prices are very affordable, as we are focused on showing our enthusiasm for Gladstone Soccer more than profit!

Thank you,

Gladstone Soccer Association