Gladstone Soccer Association

Added Map Links for Apple iOS Users

I think Android users can get directions from the Google Map on each field location page by just clicking the picture, but iPhone users had to go through a few more steps.

In an effort to provide one-click directions for as many users as possible, I added a link that says Open in Apple Maps at the bottom of each field location page. This Apple Maps link should open Apple Maps on your iOS device and give directions from your current location. If you’re not using an iOS device (e.g. iPhone) don’t click the Open in Apple Maps link. It won’t hurt anything if you do, but if you’re not using an iOS device it won’t work. Use the image of the Google Map instead.

Schedules – Maybe Take a Screen Shot

It’s probably a good idea to take a picture of your team schedule(s) with your mobile device.  Yesterday there were a lot of power outages, and that made me wonder what might happen if people couldn’t connect to this website on a game day.

More than half of our site users have iPhones. On my iPhone 5, you push the sleep/lock button and the home button at the same time to take a screen shot of whatever is on the screen. About 20% of our site visitors have an Android device, but I don’t have experience with them so I can’t offer guidance for Samsung, LG, etc. users. Finally, your kiddos probably know how to take screen shots so they’re a great resource if you need some tech support. Hopefully we’ll always have power on game days, but it’s best to be prepared.

Good luck to all Gladstone teams! May the weather and the wind be ever in your favor!

We Need Help With Field Painting!

We Need Coaches for Ages 4-7

Website Updated

Our website has been refreshed! We’ll continue to update as the spring soccer season approaches. If you find an error or realize that something important is missing, please leave a comment below.

As we transition to the new site, you can link to the last version of the site here if you need to find something (or you’re just feeling nostalgic!). The old site is “frozen” — we won’t be updating it.